About Us

Andrew Howard Jr., is a digital media expert with 20+ years’ experience in video and audio production. Committed to providing full-services that will revolutionize the industry, he founded Critical Multi Media, a digital marketing agency that is influencing popular culture by working with personal and corporate brands to enhance their reach across respective audiences through digital media. He uses a strategic yet personable approach that is client-centric and relation centered, and is attuned to his clients’ needs, offering the level of attention and consistency that only a team of experts can.

Andrew started out his career working with recording local bands and groups before expanding to different cities and states through referral. He later decided to go to college and advance his career where he began working at the student run station at Kent State University. He quickly moved on to #NPR station in the country and learned about digital recording and how to record operas and symphonies live for broadcast. Two years later, Andrew moved into TV and started as an intern in WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland, Ohio. After two weeks, he was hired on as staff while still a sophomore in college and began doing audio for the 10 o’clock news, editing news packages and directing small teasers.

One of the groups he had worked with got a distribution deal for an album deal that he had negotiated, and as a record executive and new label head, Andrew learned how to market and promote, creating marketing campaigns that would lead to a hit single and the song The Cleveland Shuffle being featured in Martin Lawrence’s blockbuster movie Big Mommas House 2.

It was a promotional video for a high school student looking to attract scholarship offers in basketball that completely changed Andrew’s professional life. Working as a videographer, producer and editor, his video received so much attention that Critical Multi Media was born and was responsible for over $750,000 in scholarship offers that year. He also worked with a realtor, co-producing an event that raked up $3.1 million in sales in less than 2 hours. Andrew went on to work on a campaign for the second largest ad agency in the country which turned into a Super Bowl commercial and was recently nominated for a regional Emmy Award.

Now, Andrew enjoys working with a diversity of clients across all industries and develops personalized solution packages that meet and exceed the expectations of his clients at every turn, giving them an edge in their niches. His goal is to add value to his clients however he can by being flexible, adopting the latest advancements and adapting to the dynamic environment.

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Be the your niche.